Clayton News Daily recently published a news article about one of our volunteers, Mrs. Starry Carter. The article reads as follows: A Volunteer who is worth her weight in gold. “Miss Lizzie”, Starry’s mother, was a client at ASC until her passing a few years ago. Starry always kept in touch and promised to one day volunteer. What makes her story so phenomenal is the fact that she recently suffered a stroke, is the mother of two small children, who are both elementary students, and cares for a husband who is in and out of the hospital with respiratory issues. When asked why she volunteers, Starry simply says “in honor of my mother, who suffered with this disease. She attended the Center and was so happy to come every day and this eased my mind knowing she was in  a safe place, because I had to work. I just wanted to give back as it was given to me.starry pic