Join Kroger rewards program

Join Kroger rewards program


8/18/15  It is time to renew membership for Kroger rewards program for those of you who are already members. For non-members, please take a few minutes to sign up. For every dollar spent using the Kroger Value Plus Card, our Center receives a percentage. Last quarter, we had 31 households participate, just imagine if we tripled that number!

To renew or join, simply go on line to www.krogercommunity Enter in requested information and enter our identification code 11107.

If you want us to sign you up, we need your Kroger Rewards Card number, your e-mail address, phone number and birthdate.

Get family members, friends and co-workers involved as well.

We need your help to make this a success, together we can move mountains.

Please call Opal at 770-603-4090 with any questions or comments.